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By Philip Evans, Jun 11 2019 11:27AM

Preserving food might be an ancient concept, but our modern problem of food waste and the negative impact on the environment is helping to focus minds on creative solutions.

Pelagonia Roasted Red Peppers - 560g
Pelagonia Roasted Red Peppers - 560g

All the products in our Pelagonia range date back to traditions where families preserved food from the plentiful summer harvest to provide sustenance througout the harsh winter. Food waste solutions are often born of necessity, and the challenges we face currently with a changing climate lead us to think more and more about how we source our food and cook.

Instead of throwing out fruit and vegetables, our growing range of 20 products all preserve quality produce to combat food waste, allowing you to use them at home to cook for friends and family.

By Philip Evans, Nov 7 2018 09:29AM

The produce for our core range is grown and produced in the Pelagonia valley, in south-west Macedonia. Many families and small holdings work in partnership with us to grow, harvest and source our fantastic produce.

Pelagonia presents, The making of Pelagonia Aivar.


By Philip Evans, Sep 19 2018 11:17AM

It's that time of year again where the sight and smell of roasting peppers fills every town and village across Macedonia. It's Aivar season.

This year we're making a short film documenting the whole process from pepper to production to your plate. We're very excited about the film and expect to be introducing it very soon.

By Philip Evans, Apr 17 2018 10:49AM

Have you tried Pelagonia Wild Green Fig Jam? It's a popular product in our range and often sells out first at tasting events. During the spring time we see young hard figs form on the trees here in Macedonia and harvest them for our jam. Most fig jams are made with soft ripe large figs, but ours is made with the young green figs and has a unique flavour and fragrance. The figs are boiled several times before making the jam.

How to use it?

Spread it on toast like any other jam, but we recommend Pelagonia Wild Green Fig Jam as an accompaniment to ice cream, rich creamy yoghurt or porridge.

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