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Tradition offers solutions to modern problems.

By Philip Evans, Jun 11 2019 11:27AM

Preserving food might be an ancient concept, but our modern problem of food waste and the negative impact on the environment is helping to focus minds on creative solutions.

Pelagonia Roasted Red Peppers - 560g
Pelagonia Roasted Red Peppers - 560g

All the products in our Pelagonia range date back to traditions where families preserved food from the plentiful summer harvest to provide sustenance througout the harsh winter. Food waste solutions are often born of necessity, and the challenges we face currently with a changing climate lead us to think more and more about how we source our food and cook.

Instead of throwing out fruit and vegetables, our growing range of 20 products all preserve quality produce to combat food waste, allowing you to use them at home to cook for friends and family.

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