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Paul Hargreaves, Managing Director of Cotswold Fayre:

"Whilst not all the product names in the Pelagonia range are instantly recognizable, I am sure they soon will be. Once consumers buy these delicious products they will certainly be back for more.  I took one from each of the range home with me one Friday and they were gone by the end of the weekend!"


guildford1_5ada6e33df2ad58c8a336134e470c973Luke, Operations Manager of Caracoli (Winners of the Telegraph Magazine 'The Best Small Shops in Britain 2012, Best for Food)

“The Pelagonia range has proved an instant hit at Caracoli. Such vibrant products with a remarkable freshness of flavour. Excellent as a dip, great with cold meats, delicious when blended into a mayonnaise, our new favourite sandwich spread - they are so versatile. We introduced the range in our stores with a tasting session for our customers and we sold well over 100 jars on the day. We have been frequently ordering them in by the case load ever since."

385728_228150143962475_83319088_nPieter Raes, Founder of PetiDeli, Belgium:

"The wonderful products of Pelagonia were until last year unknown to the Belgian public, but now we wonder why! The range of Pelagonia’s mezes is winning popularity in the fine food chain very fast. It’s an instant hit with a lot of potential!”

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