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Luke, Operations Manager of Caracoli (Winners of the Telegraph Magazine 'The Best Small Shops in Britain 2012, Best for Food).

“The Pelagonia range has proved an instant hit at Caracoli. Such vibrant products with a remarkable freshness of flavour. Excellent as a dip, great with cold meats, delicious when blended into a mayonnaise, our new favourite sandwich spread - they are so versatile. We introduced the range in our stores with a tasting session for our customers and we sold well over 100 jars on the day. We have been frequently ordering them in by the case load ever since."


Customer reviews


Pelagonia Aivar


“Delish. My Teta (Aunt) would be upset for me saying this, but this is almost as good as hers!“ - Glamourflage


“A wonderful food discovery - Tastes divine. Lovely with virtually any other food. I've eaten it for years as Waitrose has stocked it for a long time. I still love it. Recently I've had it with celery, cheese, salad and steak.“ - Fushia 


“Delicious and versatile. We picked this up in store and weren't sure what to expect, but thought we'd give it a go. It's delicious! It's great on sandwiches, burgers or wraps, anything you might want to add a sweet, smoky flavour. “

- brightowl

What they say?

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Pelagonia products first received recommendations in 2013 from the team at Ottolenghi in London. They recommend serving as follows:


Pelagonia Aivar

A delicious Macedonian meze made of sweet roasted peppers and aubergine. It pairs perfectly with salty cheese – pecorino, parmesan, feta – in sandwiches and omelettes. Great also in a falafel wrap, on a potato rosti or spooned on top of a spinach, potato and egg salad. Perfect for the pantry or for a picnic!


Pelagonia Luteniza

A spicy blend of roasted red peppers and carrots. Ferreroni peppers give this Macedonian mezze a gentle kick and make this a great addition to all barbequed meat and burritos. Perfect also as a dip, this is one to stock for all picnics and parties ahead.


Pelagonia Malidzano

A Mediterranean favourite. Similar to Baba Ganoush, but without the tahini or sesame oil, this is both fresh and light and yet intensely flavoursome at once. Perfect spread on toast or served as a dip, for snacks at home or for the picnic basket.



Ocado customer reviews


Pelagonia Grilled Aubergine Slices


“Delicious aubergine - I love aubergines and these did not disappoint. Perfect alongside saome cured meats, olives and feta cheese“ - MumOfCoeliacs


“So tasty! Absolutely delicious, a great addition to a quick lunch, or a buffet table.“ - Serenaeta


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